Network Planning

Planning and documentation services of communication networks (Fttx - TP - HFC)

Design Planning

Plans, calculator and two hands, in one hand a pen.

Preparation of detailed design documents according to the customer's specification and concept. This includes technical drawings, sketches, schematics and other documents to ensure a smooth project flow.

Costs and Timing

Screw clamp in which coins are clamped on a sheet of paper and a calculator.

Prepare detailed cost estimates that include all expenditures for materials, labor, equipment, and other resources. A schedule is developed that maps the steps, milestones, and dependencies of the project.

Site Analyses

Two people, one pointing to a location marker on a blue-black network.

Analyze geographic conditions in site and route planning to identify potential obstacles, terrain features, environmental constraints, and other factors to use this information to make cost-effective and practical planning decisions in advance of execution.

Permits and Legal Planning Components

A man in a suit signs a document.

Our planning team takes into account all relevant permits and legal requirements needed for execution during the active planning process. Local regulations, required building permits and property rights are analyzed, applied for and complied with.