Engineering consulting, net design, technology evaluation, project, management, trainings and certifications and technical due dilligence

Net Design

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Consulting in the development and design of communication networks to create the best possible efficiency and scalability through topology and architecture decisions, even for future bandwidth needs.

Technology Evaluation

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Support in the selection of suitable technologies and components for the requirements of your communications network with the help of our network of manufacturers in the communications sector, which has grown over the years.

Project Management

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We offer support in project planning, coordination and realization of projects, such as: resource planning, timeline, risk management and monitoring of project progress. Special requirements for your project, based on the service phases of the HOAI can be coordinated individually.

Trainings and Certifications

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Providing and conducting training and workshops for skilled workers of specialized companies and their contractors and their certification (dibKom) also on behalf of the provider to ensure the best possible level of expertise when working in today's sensitive communication networks.

Technical Due Dilligence

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Assess infrastructure, IT systems, patents, technical standards, and other technical factors to evaluate a company's technological competence, security, and future viability, and provide the buyer or investor with comprehensive information to make informed decisions and identify potential risks and liabilities prior to investment.