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Engineering consulting, net design, technology evaluation, project, management, trainings and certifications and technical due dilligence

Jupiter Adams Group LogoNet Design

Consulting in the development and design of communication networks.

Jupiter Adams Group LogoTechnology Evaluation

Support in the selection of suitable technologies and components.

Jupiter Adams Group LogoProject Management

Support in project planning, coordination and implementation of projects.

Jupiter Adams Group LogoTrainings and Certifications

Providing and conducting training and workshops for skilled workers.

Jupiter Adams Group LogoTechnical Due Dilligence

Evaluation of infrastructure, IT systems, patents, technical standards and other technical factors.

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Three monitors and a skyline in the background, lines and ones and zeros.
Laptop, pen, and a clipboard with a piece of paper that says Open Projects.
A man is operating a laptop with one hand, holding a pen in the other.
A woman writes something on a whiteboard, a man stands next to her and looks at the whiteboard.


Specialized network engineers and technicians at all network levels

Jupiter PlanetPower Quality Measurements Commissioning/Acceptance

Our competent team of experts has extensive expertise in current technologies and methods.

Jupiter PlanetTechnology Upgrades

From the inventory of the network to new planning, material procurement, implementation, documentation and the coordination of all internal and external stakeholders.

Jupiter PlanetNetwork Expansion Measures

Specialized in the implementation of customer-specific network expansion measures or the implementation of intermediate technologies.

Jupiter PlanetMaintenance and Fault Clearance

We ensure a continuously operational communication network - around the clock, 365 days a year!

Network measuring device is on a network hub/switch.
Fibre optic cables.
Cabinet with network equipment and cables.
Bauarbeiter graben eine Grube für Kabelverlegung.

Network Planning

Planning and documentation services of communication networks (Fttx - TP - HFC)

Jupiter PlanetDesign Planning

Create engineering drawings, sketches, schematics, and other documentation to ensure smooth project flow.

Jupiter PlanetCosts and Timing

Detailed cost estimates for materials, labor, equipment, and other resources.

Jupiter PlanetSite Analyses

Make cost-effective and practical planning decisions.

Jupiter PlanetPermits and Legal Planning Components

Analysis, application and compliance with building permits and property rights.

Plans, calculator and two hands, in one hand a pen.
Screw clamp in which coins are clamped on a sheet of paper and a calculator.
Two people, one pointing to a location marker on a blue-black network.
A man in a suit signs a document.

Optimization & Analytics

Model based decision making

Jupiter PlanetOperations Research Consulting

Boost your company's performance and efficiency with Operations Research Consulting - we specialize in applying mathematical models and techniques to solve complex problems and make data-driven decisions that move your business forward.

Jupiter PlanetSoftware Development

Tailored applications integrate perfectly into your system landscape and support you in recurring planning tasks.

Jupiter PlanetResearch

Through our extensive experience in conducting R&D projects, we offer our clients innovative solutions that improve their competitiveness.

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Laptop monitor on which a dashboard with diagrams can be seen.
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