Specialized network engineers and technicians at all network levels

Power Quality Measurements Commissioning/Acceptance

Network measuring device is on a network hub/switch.

Our competent team of experts has extensive expertise in current technologies and methods. We are equipped with state-of-the-art measurement technology to measure the required quality parameters in broadband networks with different topologies and transport media such as HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) or PON (Passive Optical Network).

After documenting and analyzing the quality parameters, we work closely with our customers to define and implement appropriate countermeasures to eliminate target value deviations.

Technology Upgrades

Fibre optic cables.

Our technology and network upgrade services cover all the necessary phases of a project.

Starting with the inventory of the network, through replanning, material procurement, implementation, documentation, to the coordination of all internal and external stakeholders - we take care of the entire process up to turnkey handover.

Network Expansion Measures

Cabinet with network equipment and cables.

Customer-specific network expansion measures (such as cell splits) or the implementation of "intermediate technologies" (virtual node splits/R-Phy) are implemented by our specialists.

The scope of these measures can be agreed individually in consultation with the customer.

Maintenance and Fault Clearance

Bauarbeiter graben eine Grube für Kabelverlegung.

Our company offers a comprehensive maintenance and fault clearance service that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our experienced team of technicians is ready to continuously monitor your communications networks, perform maintenance, and respond quickly when faults occur.

Our goal is to ensure that your communications network is continuously operational and provides smooth communications. With our reliable maintenance and fault clearance service, you are protected against potential outages and can rely on smooth operation.